# Ownership

The system is owned by Ajiriwa Network and is subject to their ownership rights. The usage of the system is governed by a usage license that is issued by Ajiriwa Network. The license may be issued as a lifetime license or as a renewable license that requires renewal after a period of time

The license grants the user the right to use the system in accordance with the terms and conditions of the license agreement. It is important that users carefully review the license agreement to ensure that they understand their rights and obligations under the license.

Users are not authorized to modify or distribute the system without the express written consent of Ajiriwa Network. Any unauthorized use of the system may result in legal action by Ajiriwa Network to protect their ownership rights.

Users should also be aware that the license agreement may include restrictions on the use of the system, such as restrictions on the number of users who can access the system or limitations on the use of the system for commercial purposes. It is important that users comply with these restrictions to avoid violating the license agreement