# Getting Started

To start using Pay-R Hr System, your first need to enter your company information.

At sidebar menu, collapse the company and click on information. img

# Company Info Input Fields

The fields below will be used to automatically fill statutory reports

  • Company Name - Enter your company name as you would like it to appear in an of your reports
  • Nature of Business - The industry your company operates in.
  • Tax Number - Nine digits Taxpayer Identification Number as provided by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA)
  • Phone Number - Your company contact numbers, you can fill up to three
  • Fax Number - This is an optional field
  • Postal Address - Your P.O BOX number
  • City - The city in which your company operates
  • Physical Address - Physical location of your company including the block, plot and country
  • Default Social Security Fund - Social security fund to which your company sends pension contributions for the employees
  • Logo - You company trademark