# Email Settings

Pay-R is built to send notifications you can enable email notifications by configuring your mail credential and Pay-R will be able to send email notifications whenever necessary.

# Configuring Email Settings

On the sidebar select "company" menu and choose "Mail Settings". You will be presented with a screen as shown below.

email settings

Fill in the configuration fields and click save to store your settings


Your password will remain private, we will not store it

# Testing Your Email Settings

Once you've saved your settings you can click the "Test Settings" button and the system will send a test email to check if everything is working. If your setting are are working you will get an alert. The system will now be able to send email notifications to you and your employees

# Email Settings Input Fields

  • Hostname - This is your email provider outgoing email server, for popular email providers like gmail check details here, for Yahoo check details here
  • Username - The username you use to sign in to your email
  • Password - The password you use to sign in to your email